Melaleuca lanceolata (Moonah, Black Tea-Tree and many others)

The dense spreading cover of the native tree Moonah is a typical characteristic of some streetscapes in Melbourne, the place it proved a reasonably inauspicious road tree through the years.

Nonetheless, whereas life as a road tree didn’t swimsuit it, it does have a powerful historical past amongst indigenous individuals, it’s additionally a useful meals and habitat plant for wildlife, and is now proving it might make it as a panorama plant.

The species title lanceolata refers back to the lance-shaped leaves which might be really not within the least sharp, regardless of the title.  The flowers are a spike (bottle brush-like) and canopy the tree in white or cream in summer time.

It’s helpful as a windbreak, particularly when utilized in groves or clumps, which extra mimics the way it grows naturally, particularly in coastal environments. Ian Barker has used it at our latest Blairgowrie backyard design challenge, for instance, as an efficient privateness display screen.

Moonah has confirmed to be an excellent plant to hedge due to its denseness. This, together with its toughness and drought tolerance, has undoubtedly added to its rising enchantment as a panorama plant.

The seek for new and totally different sculptural parts for landscapes has additionally introduced Moonah consideration. With extra inventive pruning than any obtained as a road tree, Moonah’s twisted and contorted branches can create a putting panorama characteristic.

Melaleuca lanceolata - Moonah plant file for Ian Barker Gardens. Garden Design. Garden Notebook Edition 31



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