Blue Birds

It’s nothing new that succulents have taken the world by storm.  Their no-fuss, low upkeep traits make them excellent for even the blackest of thumbs.  When most individuals consider succulents they consider the smaller varieties such because the rosette formed Echeveria or Senecios.  However what for those who’re on the lookout for a bigger succulent, one thing that appears at residence each potted and in addition planted amongst different species in a backyard mattress?  What you’re on the lookout for, is Crassula ‘Blue Hen’.


This drought tolerant cousin to the basic Jade Plant is a favorite at Harrisons the place we use it in pots, planted in backyard beds amongst different ‘bunned’ formed vegetation, even mass planted to actually showcase the plant’s distinctive foliage.  Crassulas are extraordinarily drought tolerant, superb in excessive winds, and may deal with front-line salt, which makes them excellent for balconies and rooftops.



The silvery gray tones of the foliage which is effectively suited to darker pots like black and charcoal, is formed like silver {dollars}.  Though this hardy succulent can deal with loads of neglect, simply watch out of frosts and over-watering, which can start to rot the plant from the stem.  Ensure you plant in an excellent high quality free-draining soil, ideally in a Sunny to Half-Shade location.  We discover Crassula ‘Blue Birds’ do finest in full solar.




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