20th International Gardens Festival: Call for Proposals

The Worldwide Backyard Pageant, offered on the Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens within the Gaspésie area of Québec, Canada is getting ready its 20th version and has issued a global name for proposals to pick designers who will create the brand new short-term gardens that might be offered from June 22, 2019.

For its 20th anniversary version, the Pageant is searching for to discover new instructions and proceed our exploration of play. ‘Terrains de jeu’ is fertile floor for creativity, encompassing each the notion of compact area and play. The Pageant is encouraging designers to think about areas that work throughout the confines of modest parcels all of the whereas providing a giant punch.

Confronting the planetary challenges of needing to restrict development, creating sustainably and minimizing our ecological influence, the 2019 Pageant is a venue the place designers will discover the principals of voluntary simplicity all of the whereas providing a footprint for enjoyable. The interactive areas chosen by way of this competitors will excite, enthrall or envelop guests. They are going to be child-friendly with out being infantile, adventurous with out being unsafe.

This name for proposals is open to all panorama architects, architects, artists and multidisciplinary groups from Canada and overseas. Candidates are restricted to 1 proposal, both as people or multidisciplinary groups. The Pageant encourages members to type multidisciplinary groups to incorporate a panorama architect, architect, artist, designer, engineer, horticulturist, botanist, instructor, scientist, and so forth. The target is to favor an method that encompasses varied design disciplines and experience from varied quarters.

The deadline for proposal submissions is December 20, 2018.

Picture: Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens

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